Recent Writing

Fire and Brimstone in Southeast Chicago in Belt Magazine (on a pile of sulfur and industry in Chicago)

No Free Trials in Guernica (on vaccine trials)

Beasts of No Nation: On the Poetics of Invasion and Marwa Helal in Jacket2 (review essay about Helal's book of poems, Invasive Species)

Home Alone With the NYT in Avidly (on lifestyle advice)

Review of Patricia Lockwood'No One Is Talking About This in Harvard Review

Good, Likeable People Who Love Each Other at Post45 Contemporaries (for a cluster on BoJack Horseman edited by Pamela Thurschwell and Jack Belloli)

Earlier Writing
"Friendship As a Way of Life" in The Harvard Advocate
Column: "College Friends" in Harvard Magazine
Column on exclusivity and belonging in the Harvard undergraduate arts scene in Harvard Magazine
Column: "Mise en Scene" in Harvard Magazine
Review of the Houghton Library exhibition of illuminated manuscripts in Harvard Magazine
"Monocult" in The Harvard Advocate
"Their Party" in The Harvard Advocate